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Nov, 2017

What stick if best for my daughter?

Did you just sign her daughter up for her first lacrosse clinic, camp or season and now are overwhelmed with all the stick options?

First thing is make sure you buy a Girls Stick.  It seems simple, but there have been plenty of times where we have seen someone show up with a boys stick.  Boys stick are illegal for girls.

That still leaves a lot of options ranging from $35-$250, what now?  Before you run to your local sporting goods store and buy the beginner package that includes a beginner stick, goggles and bag research your options.  Your daughter may be new to the sport but we highly recommend staying away from beginner sticks.  Beginner sticks have wide heads and little to no pockets (often referred to as being like a tennis racket).  They are decent for picking up ground balls but make other fundamentals such as throwing and catching much harder than it would be with a better stick.  Sites such as rate all sticks as beginner, intermediate, and  advanced. The best starter sticks are usually the ones listed as being good for beginner, immediate, AND advanced.  Stay away from sticks listed as only for beginners.  I would also try to stay away from sticks listed as just beginner and intermediate.  This will save you money in the long run because you will not have to upgrade as soon. 

Most people buy the beginner stick because of price.  Let's face it, you don't want to buy an expensive stick because you have no idea if your daughter will like the sport.  The good news is  you also don't have to spend a fortune to get a quality stick.  Lots of Internet sites have great deals on older model sticks that they put on clearance to make room for newer models.  They are still really good sticks, just usually a couple years old.  Local sporting good stores often have sales as well.  Unfortunately their workers are probably going to have little to no knowledge of girls lacrosse, so do your homework before heading to the store and relying on their advice.  

An example of a good first stick for middle school aged girl is the Debeer NV3. Sports Stop listed it as being good for beginner, intermediate and advanced.   The NV3 is a well rounded stick and good for girls playing defense, midfield and attack.  There are lots of other good well rounded sticks in the $50-$75 price range. 

Sometimes you may be able to get a better deal if you buy the head and shaft separate.  If you buy them separate, don't spend a lot of money on the shaft.  Most shafts are more than sufficient for middle school age girls.  If buying a shaft separate, one thing to look for is the size.  Shafts usually come in either 7/8" or 1".  This is in reference to the circumference. Often younger girls like the thinner shaft, but it is 100% personal preference.  Also, if your daughter is on the smaller size you may want to cut a inch or two off the shaft.  This helps them better handle the stick.  The downside is when they grow you will probably need a new shaft.  Another reason to not spend a lot on their first shaft.

What if your daughter has been playing for a couple years and wants to upgrade?  If your daughter wants to upgrade she probably knows if she a defender, attacker or all around player.  High-end sticks are catered to style of play.  Just because the stick costs a lot doesn't mean your daughter will love it.  A $200 stick meant for attack may not be a good fit for your daughter that plays defense, but in the end, it all comes down to personal preference.  Have her tryout friends/teammates and even coaches sticks before upgrading.  At this level the pocket becomes as important as the stick and may also want to look into buying an unstrung head and getting it custom strung.  This is usually for varsity high school players and elite level club players.  

If you have any questions about a particular stick ask the coaches or feel free to email [email protected].  Another good resource is Longstreth  (  They focus on girls lacrosse and will be happy to answer any equipment questions.

Also before heading to her first practice make sure she has
- Goggles
- Mouth guard
- Water
- Cleats/turf shoes (soccer cleats are fine)

If it is cold out, gloves with a grip make a big difference.  Make sure they are not boys lacrosse gloves.

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